Nuun HTC All Ladies team

I learned about the Hood to Coast relay earlier this year and it immediately stoked my desire to be a runner. And although that dream is far off  in the future, I can still stalk as many participants as I can find. Luckily for me the team at Nuun has made it easy. The ran a contest for an all lady-blogger team. Apparently they has so many wonderful entrants that they had to make up two teams. They post a list of the winners and links to their blogs: Nuun HTC team.

I have successfully followed each and everyone one of the ladies. I am hoping to learn from them and live vicariously thru there HTC adventures. And maybe when I am a big girl runner there will be room for me on the team :D


  1. Yes, welcome! Thanks for the follow and I hope I can help you "live" the HTC adventure! Still hasn't sunk in for me.