Eating and Stretching.... not at the same time

It's been 5 days since I officially got off the Dukan diet. I made the decision to quit the restrictive but effective diet because of the way it was affecting my running. Basically I was just not getting enough carbs for the training I am doing and will be starting in a few weeks. It was a hard decision since the diet was going so well and I wasn't having any of the normal dieting problems. But in the end I want to be a runner more than I want to be a size 8. I'm at a good weight now, I feel good about myself. And I figure that as my muscle mass gets stronger some of the flab that is left will go away.

But my main fear was (and is) that without a clear and definite plan for eating that I will get out of control and gain weight (meaning fat) back. And I can see it happening already. I have had a hamburger with cheese and bacon, pizza, fries, fried chicken. I did good on taco night with ff sour cream but had the real cheese even though I had ff in the fridge. I did good with breakfast, protein shakes every day except the day I had ff choc milk after my run.

The problem: no plan. Easily fixed. Goal #1 for the weekend, come up with a diet plan.

Onto stretching. I hate stretching. I'm sure I don't do it right and that is part of the problem. So in the last two weeks I have read twice from two different sources that I really don't need to stretch. That unless I find it helps me in particular, that there is no proof it helps the general masses (my understanding).

So does this let me off the stretching train. Yes and no. I no longer feel like I have to feel guilty if I don't do pre or post run stretches. But I think as far as developing upper body and core strength that I will need to do something other than just run.

The problem: no plan. Easily fixed. Goal #2 for the weekend, come up with an exercise plan.

So much for the holiday weekend, looks like I have work to do :D

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