All kinds of NEW Goodness!

In order of occurring:

1. New clothes

Wednesday nights, as you know, are half class run nights. Well this past one turned out to be cooler than I expected when I packed earlier in the day. I packed a long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt and shorts. And shorts weren't gonna cut it after the sun went down. So I headed over to Academy Sports for some very moderately priced gear because I am cheap. It was a successful trip, new un-needed but coordinating long sleeve shirt and capris for $30 total.

Then off to my mom's for some free fabric scraps for my Halloween race costume (you'll have to wait for this one). I got dressed there and low and behold I forgot something. I forgot my running bra. The one thing you just can't go without huh ladies?!? After a short self-debate about whether or not to go back to Academy for a $12 bra, I decided to splurge. Academy is the opposite direction of where class is AND class is at a running store. I figured I would just get the cheapest they had and be happy. Good choice since I hit the mother-load of traffic.

I walked in the store and straight to a bra, picked my size and went straight to try it on. I've spent the last 9 or so Wednesday nights in this store for at least hour each time, so I know the merchandise. Bra fit so I was good to go. As I would later come to realize, this bra was amazing!

Moving Comfort Alexis

I run with my iPhone, using the Run Keeper app to track my stats. I put said phone in my bra since most of clothes are pocketless. The phone travels a lot during my runs. NOT ANYMORE! The phone stayed put. I almost forgot it was there. Halfway thru I added my lip balm and car clicker. I could not feel either of those either. I would highly recommend this bra. And the price was reasonable, $34. Of course I had store credit that I didn't know about and scored this baby for $4!

2. New distance PR

I made it to double digits!

I should show the route. I actually made it back to the starting point at 9 miles. I refused to stop, and did a few extra laps around the parking lot to get to 10. I'm pretty sure the rest of the group thought I was nuts!

3. New Race

Who Dat! I'm not a real big Saints fan. I will root for them since they are the home team, but I don't own any Saints clothes or anything like that. They had a great game last night, and to celebrate the Rock 'N Roll New Orleans Marathon powers that be are giving a discount. Each time the Saints win, they are giving the point spread as a discount for a 12 hour period the following day. Right now the registration for the half is $90, I got it for $35! Who Dat!!

Pretty darn good weekend!


  1. I love new clothes even when I don't really need them. Just fun to get! I keep thinking about getting that bra, i will have to go try it on now.

  2. Hooray for new workout clothes! I have never even thought about shoving my phone into my bra when I don't have pockets. Genius! Congratulations on hitting double digit miles!! That's awesome! You're going rock that half marathon!

  3. $35 for a half marathon!! That is a steal!! Congrats on getting into double digits! Isn't it such a great feeling?!

  4. That bra looks great. I need some new ones too.