Versatile Blogger Award

So I got this award the other day and am finally getting around to playing along. The rules are:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 blogs you enjoy reading.

I'd like to thank XLMIC at Taking It On for being nice enough to chose me AND for following my sad little blog. She is awesome and kinda famous so it really made my day to have her follow me :D

About me:

1. When I'm not running, researching about running, reading blogs and books about running or searching for a new race, I have another hobby to occupy my time. I am learning how to make jewelry. It's been a long time dream of mine and after stalking a high-school friend in her jewelry making, I decided to give it a go. I'm not very good at it since I don't have a lot of free time or money to dedicate to it, but each time I make a piece I get better (or at least learn something).

I made this!

2. As I get older I have become a big cry baby. I used to watch Last of the Mohicans every friday afternoon after cleaning house (for the better part of a year) and cried every time. I cry at cartoons. I recently started reading The Long Run (at work on my kindle app for iphone) and had to stop because I kept tearing up.

3. I have two birthdays! My brother and I are both adopted. Our parents got him three days after he was born, and got me two months after I was born. There was never any clear reason for the delay other than I was a church adoption and his was private. Anyway, every year on the day I was adopted I got a present, sometimes a cake! It had downgraded to a phone call now that I am an adult, but it was pretty cool while it lasted!

4.  Even though I am a pretty slow runner, I have a habit of driving really fast. I once got tickets on back to back days at the same location by the same cop. Now I have a fast car to go with my lead foot. So far only one ticket, but I have been pulled over several times and it seems like the reason is they wanted a better look at the car.

She does 11s in the quarter mile.
5. I hate the TV. Not completely just for day to day entertainment. I actually canceled the cable after it was unplugged for 6 months and no one complained. It's hooked up again thanks to my new in-law squatter and I remember why I hated it in the first place.

6. On the other hand, I love computers. I can spend the better part of a 10 hour work day on a computer and come home to go straight to my computer. Throw in my iphone and laptop and I am pretty much always online unless I am sleeping.

7. I totally suck at cooking, I'm not being harsh on myself, everyone agrees. I once made a box of brownies and couldn't figure out why the batter was so thick. I forgot the water. I can boil a noodle or rice like no other tho!

As it turns out I have 16 followers for my blog, so I tag all of you with the award! If you'd like to play along please do so, I'd love to know more about you!

My First Du is Done

And it's only taken me a week to write about it, that's how fast I am!

As a part of Fleet Feet Baton Rouge Halloween runs
They had a 2 mile, 5k, Little VooDu, Big VooDu and Dirty VooDu. I chose the Little VooDu which was a 2mile run / 10 mile bike / 2 mile run. I wanted to do the Big one but since this was my first I decided to play it smart. Good thinking on my part.

We had a rough night the night before and didn't get enough sleep. I drug #4 along even though he didn't get to bed until 3 am. I'm that thoughtful.

The event was at a Super Walmart and the route was kind of plain and simple. But in the defense of the race crew, they lost their permit to have it somewhere wonderful due to the city actually do work and start early. It definitely took away fear of getting lost on the route.

I had planned to wear a costume.
Pipi Longstocking
However my sewing machine decided not to cooperate. Probably due to be stored in a plastic box for about 15 years :(. I was determined not to let that get me down. Turned out only about 3 people had on costumes. I guess everyone around here is just too serious about racing (*rolling eyes).

We got there in plenty of time. I put my bike and gear with a couple of ladies from my half class that were also racing. Only to find out it need to go somewhere else. #4 tried to help place things in a way that would be most efficient but this was new to him as well.

All the races started together. We had chips strapped to our ankles so it didn't matter where we were in the line up, timing didn't start until we crossed the mat. This was probably a good thing since I tend to linger in the back.

My plan was to run the first run slow (10:50ish), ride about medium effort (15mph) and book it on the last run (10:30ish - don't hurt yourself laughing). First run felt good and slow. I was afraid I started out too fast. I don't like to be in a group so I usually have to run faster than I want to get to a spot that is all for me. My right shoe came untied on the way in, I didn't bother to stop and tie it since I would be taking it off anyway. 

I got on all my bike gear and hoofed out the back like I was told to do. I have a love/hate relationship with my bike shoes. They are great on the bike but walking in them is such a pain. I hit what I thought was head wind on the way out and I pedaled hard thinking I would coast on the way in. Turns out the head wind was on the way back. I managed 16.5-16.7 out, but only 13s on the way in. Until the last mile when I the wind was finally at my back and I was cruising at 18 (I never ride that fast!). 

For the second run, my legs were like jelly. I knew this would happen but I was still surprised. I felt like I was walking I was running so slow. I guess it worked out since when I came to point where it was time to kick I was able to do it.

I was thinking it would take close to 2 hours to finish. I was not disappointed when they posted my time.


Clearly I need work in the transition area. It was a learning experience and I had a great time! I can't wait to do another one.

#4 tried to take some wonderful pics, but these are the ones he got:

I'm not sure why the rotated one's posted this way, that's not how they are on my laptop. But I'm leaving them because I have other stuff to do :D


Virtually in Love with Racing

Virtual Races that is :D

Not that they will ever replace IRL races but added to the mix, they are just plan fun.

Last week I did a 3.7 mile one with Run with Jess to celebrate her 37th birthday. She sent out everyone these cute bibs to wear:

It was early and I'm not that bright

She is giving away a slew of prizes which just adds to the fun. I did my run in 37:29. Not too bad I guess.

My next virtual race is next week, thru Spark People.

Wow - over 9000 people participating!

No prizes except for spark points, but those are like gold on the site :D

Today I signed up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2011. It's much more than just a race. It's based on workout in general, something to help motivate us during the holidays.

Sign up here!

Since my Half training class will be ending soon, I am a little worried that I won't stick with it. Plus at some point I need to get more serious about cross-training and strength training. I'm highly motivated when it comes to these types of events. Basically if people are watching, I tend to be less lazy!


All kinds of NEW Goodness!

In order of occurring:

1. New clothes

Wednesday nights, as you know, are half class run nights. Well this past one turned out to be cooler than I expected when I packed earlier in the day. I packed a long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt and shorts. And shorts weren't gonna cut it after the sun went down. So I headed over to Academy Sports for some very moderately priced gear because I am cheap. It was a successful trip, new un-needed but coordinating long sleeve shirt and capris for $30 total.

Then off to my mom's for some free fabric scraps for my Halloween race costume (you'll have to wait for this one). I got dressed there and low and behold I forgot something. I forgot my running bra. The one thing you just can't go without huh ladies?!? After a short self-debate about whether or not to go back to Academy for a $12 bra, I decided to splurge. Academy is the opposite direction of where class is AND class is at a running store. I figured I would just get the cheapest they had and be happy. Good choice since I hit the mother-load of traffic.

I walked in the store and straight to a bra, picked my size and went straight to try it on. I've spent the last 9 or so Wednesday nights in this store for at least hour each time, so I know the merchandise. Bra fit so I was good to go. As I would later come to realize, this bra was amazing!

Moving Comfort Alexis

I run with my iPhone, using the Run Keeper app to track my stats. I put said phone in my bra since most of clothes are pocketless. The phone travels a lot during my runs. NOT ANYMORE! The phone stayed put. I almost forgot it was there. Halfway thru I added my lip balm and car clicker. I could not feel either of those either. I would highly recommend this bra. And the price was reasonable, $34. Of course I had store credit that I didn't know about and scored this baby for $4!

2. New distance PR

I made it to double digits!

I should show the route. I actually made it back to the starting point at 9 miles. I refused to stop, and did a few extra laps around the parking lot to get to 10. I'm pretty sure the rest of the group thought I was nuts!

3. New Race

Who Dat! I'm not a real big Saints fan. I will root for them since they are the home team, but I don't own any Saints clothes or anything like that. They had a great game last night, and to celebrate the Rock 'N Roll New Orleans Marathon powers that be are giving a discount. Each time the Saints win, they are giving the point spread as a discount for a 12 hour period the following day. Right now the registration for the half is $90, I got it for $35! Who Dat!!

Pretty darn good weekend!


Where is my free time?!?

I honestly don't know when my last post was. Yes I know I can look but who has the time ??

So here's what I have I been wasting my time doing:

1. I've started looking for a job, which is a full time job in itself. I don't really want a job, but the extra money would be awesome.

2. I drove to New Orleans FIVE times in less than two weeks. Now this is only an hour drive, but it really eats into a day. I took the Boy THREE times for college info nights (got lost all three times). Then #4 and I went with others to watch the Stepson get sworn in and shipped off to BT for the Marine Corp Ooh-rah! And then the most important last trip was to the Girl's place of work to get my hair colored. I'm a red-head now :D

3. Working for the man #4. I really have to say I have it easy. But it would be wrong of me to fart around 100% of my time here at the shop, so I try to keep to about 75% farting.

4. Planning a trip to Denver for a special wedding. This may seem easy but other family members are traveling with us and they are notorious for waiting until the last minute. Which is direct conflict with my OCD-Control Freak nature.

5. Running - I know this is a no-brainer, but you may have forgotten that was why I was here in the first place.

6. Facebooking, twittering, blog reading. A girl has to have hobbies.

7. Halloween costume planning. Two parties and a race is what I need stuff for. Ugh. I hate spending money on costumes. I like to dress up of course, who doesn't! But I'm cheap.

On the running front, I was shooting for 9 miles last Saturday.

It was an interesting run. We went a new route that included part of the race route. It was actually hilly, well as hilly as you can get here.

I am pretty sure the purchase of a garmin or similar device was proven on this run. Within a quarter mile of my iphone app telling me I had gone 2 miles, the FFW (fleet feet woman - owners of store hosting the class) looked at her garmin and hollered out "yay 2 miles!". Technically I'm okay if my app steals a little distance from me here and there since I am still a "new" runner. But I can see this bugging the techie in me when double digit runs become old hat.

Although I made the 8 mile run the weekend before without a potty break, it just wasn't in the cards for this run.  When I finished up and was heading back out, I ran into FFW again. She asked how I was doing (cuz it's kinda her job and I'm sure I looked like hell). I mentioned that I wish I get over me need to pee. She laughed and said that it was ok, I  would just pee on myself in the actual half. Good to know. Not like I haven't done it in training.

That gave me a great idea for a shirt. A couple of years ago, one of SILs gave me my fav t-shirt of all time!

I do, I'm not afraid to admit it. It serves two purposes. I don't have to get out (wet bottoms are the hardest thing to pull back up!) and it keeps the kids away from me. I wear the shirt every time we have a pool party :D

So my idea is to get a tech shirt and have "I pee in my shorts on long runs" put on the back. For the half. With an optional "that's not sweat hitting you in the face" in smaller print. I know I would have a big grin on wearing it!


A new distance PR

I have to hurry to post this because it will be old news tomorrow morning when I get a new new distance PR!

Last Saturday I ran 8 miles. I have to admit I was very nervous going into it, for several reasons. One, because the runs preceding it were at a new pace for me and I KNOW I can't hold that pace for long distances. Two, because it seems like such a  huge number.

I purposely set out at a slower pace.

I was originally planning on 11:30s for the half. I feel more confident that it is doable. I really don't want to walk any of it. My little handheld just barely held enough fluids for this run. Good thing #4 will be packing a fresh on for me at the half. Not sure if he'd be game to do that for my training runs tho :(

All of our Saturday runs are done close the LSU campus. It really is the best place to run in town. Last Saturday the LSU/Florida game was scheduled for 2pm. This is always a big game. I don't know why it didn't occur to me beforehand that people would already be out on campus.

We normally don't run on campus, but this was actually a treat. I have no been tailgating in years. This is something like what I got to run through:

The smell of BBQ and beer was almost overwhelming!


Cool weather is a runner's best friend...

Mine at least.

I still consider myself an 11:30 runner.

This is from Saturday's run. The plan was a 6 miles. I think they were hoping for more none half training runners to come out for the launch of the new Brooks Pure Project shoes. (I want some so bad!) I think the cool weather kept people at home. We only had 5 show up for our group run, and I was the only slow one :(

I know I started out too fast. We started from a different point. I love change but it was a downhill. My first two miles came in under 10. I was sure there was no way for me to keep that up for a third much less four more miles. I kept telling myself to slow down but just couldn't get my body to listen. I even passed on my normal potty break!

For most of the run, I could see our token dude (only one male in the class) ahead of me in his bright green shirt. Every time he caught my eye I thought "I shouldn't be able to see him anymore". At the end, he said he saw me still back there about mile four and thought the same thing!

The funny part is that after Wed. nights intervals which I was shooting for 2:45/3:20 and doing 2:15/2:45, I got to thinking that there was no way I would ever be able to hold that pace for a 5k. Now I am thinking a sub 30 minute 5k may be in my future. I'll have to wait until November to find out tho. I've already registered for a race then. I was planning  on doing one this month but I got a different better offer for my money:

Run for the Hills is running a marathon and raising money for St. Jude's at the same time. It's a great cause, and there are prizes, so my money was put to a much better cause. I can wait for my PR.

Currently I am in week 7 of Half training. It's still far enough away that I'm not getting nervous yet (I'll over-achieve in this later). And I'm still impressing myself with what I accomplish weekly so I am still real motivated. As for the weather, I went on a 3 mile run Monday and did it in 10:05. I'm gonna enjoy fall.