Virtually in Love with Racing

Virtual Races that is :D

Not that they will ever replace IRL races but added to the mix, they are just plan fun.

Last week I did a 3.7 mile one with Run with Jess to celebrate her 37th birthday. She sent out everyone these cute bibs to wear:

It was early and I'm not that bright

She is giving away a slew of prizes which just adds to the fun. I did my run in 37:29. Not too bad I guess.

My next virtual race is next week, thru Spark People.

Wow - over 9000 people participating!

No prizes except for spark points, but those are like gold on the site :D

Today I signed up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2011. It's much more than just a race. It's based on workout in general, something to help motivate us during the holidays.

Sign up here!

Since my Half training class will be ending soon, I am a little worried that I won't stick with it. Plus at some point I need to get more serious about cross-training and strength training. I'm highly motivated when it comes to these types of events. Basically if people are watching, I tend to be less lazy!


  1. ooOOoo! I've never heard of a Virtual Race. I can totally do that! I'm right there with you on finding clever ways to keep me motivated to keep running. That's the big reason I started my blog. I also have the little Cardio Trainer icon on my phone that changes color based on how many calories in a 7 day period I've worked off. I've hit Platinum a couple times!! Whatever works, right?

  2. I am a big fan of virtual races too! I joined the HBBC too. Hoping it helps me stay away from the treats and stay focused on working out!

  3. The virtual race is such a fun idea! Especially with the special bibs and all. Good times :)

    I am guilty of not being serious enough about strength/cross training... I just don't enjoy it as much as running, but I know it makes me a better runner!

  4. I am tagging you with a blog 'award'! Your turn to spill your guts :) But if it's not your bag, no worries!