A new distance PR

I have to hurry to post this because it will be old news tomorrow morning when I get a new new distance PR!

Last Saturday I ran 8 miles. I have to admit I was very nervous going into it, for several reasons. One, because the runs preceding it were at a new pace for me and I KNOW I can't hold that pace for long distances. Two, because it seems like such a  huge number.

I purposely set out at a slower pace.

I was originally planning on 11:30s for the half. I feel more confident that it is doable. I really don't want to walk any of it. My little handheld just barely held enough fluids for this run. Good thing #4 will be packing a fresh on for me at the half. Not sure if he'd be game to do that for my training runs tho :(

All of our Saturday runs are done close the LSU campus. It really is the best place to run in town. Last Saturday the LSU/Florida game was scheduled for 2pm. This is always a big game. I don't know why it didn't occur to me beforehand that people would already be out on campus.

We normally don't run on campus, but this was actually a treat. I have no been tailgating in years. This is something like what I got to run through:

The smell of BBQ and beer was almost overwhelming!


  1. Good for you! Great run! Stick with it. Believe it or not, someday 8 won't seem so daunting. It's always overwhelming the first time around.

  2. Ok, now you're just showing off! ;-) That's awesome! You're going to rock that half marathon!