Where is my free time?!?

I honestly don't know when my last post was. Yes I know I can look but who has the time ??

So here's what I have I been wasting my time doing:

1. I've started looking for a job, which is a full time job in itself. I don't really want a job, but the extra money would be awesome.

2. I drove to New Orleans FIVE times in less than two weeks. Now this is only an hour drive, but it really eats into a day. I took the Boy THREE times for college info nights (got lost all three times). Then #4 and I went with others to watch the Stepson get sworn in and shipped off to BT for the Marine Corp Ooh-rah! And then the most important last trip was to the Girl's place of work to get my hair colored. I'm a red-head now :D

3. Working for the man #4. I really have to say I have it easy. But it would be wrong of me to fart around 100% of my time here at the shop, so I try to keep to about 75% farting.

4. Planning a trip to Denver for a special wedding. This may seem easy but other family members are traveling with us and they are notorious for waiting until the last minute. Which is direct conflict with my OCD-Control Freak nature.

5. Running - I know this is a no-brainer, but you may have forgotten that was why I was here in the first place.

6. Facebooking, twittering, blog reading. A girl has to have hobbies.

7. Halloween costume planning. Two parties and a race is what I need stuff for. Ugh. I hate spending money on costumes. I like to dress up of course, who doesn't! But I'm cheap.

On the running front, I was shooting for 9 miles last Saturday.

It was an interesting run. We went a new route that included part of the race route. It was actually hilly, well as hilly as you can get here.

I am pretty sure the purchase of a garmin or similar device was proven on this run. Within a quarter mile of my iphone app telling me I had gone 2 miles, the FFW (fleet feet woman - owners of store hosting the class) looked at her garmin and hollered out "yay 2 miles!". Technically I'm okay if my app steals a little distance from me here and there since I am still a "new" runner. But I can see this bugging the techie in me when double digit runs become old hat.

Although I made the 8 mile run the weekend before without a potty break, it just wasn't in the cards for this run.  When I finished up and was heading back out, I ran into FFW again. She asked how I was doing (cuz it's kinda her job and I'm sure I looked like hell). I mentioned that I wish I get over me need to pee. She laughed and said that it was ok, I  would just pee on myself in the actual half. Good to know. Not like I haven't done it in training.

That gave me a great idea for a shirt. A couple of years ago, one of SILs gave me my fav t-shirt of all time!

I do, I'm not afraid to admit it. It serves two purposes. I don't have to get out (wet bottoms are the hardest thing to pull back up!) and it keeps the kids away from me. I wear the shirt every time we have a pool party :D

So my idea is to get a tech shirt and have "I pee in my shorts on long runs" put on the back. For the half. With an optional "that's not sweat hitting you in the face" in smaller print. I know I would have a big grin on wearing it!


  1. BAHAHA!!!! I want that pool shirt, I have a shirt that says "I pee on my bike"