Day 2 HM training

I had my first group run last night. I was very excited and nervous. The plan was a 30 minute run. If you run a 10 mm or lower it would be 3 miles, higher than 10 mm would be an out and back.

The scheduled time was 6 pm and I normally do not run until after 8 pm. The reason is the awful heat we having. Well I was right to be nervous.

Why, oh why would anyone be out in that kind of heat, much less trying to run?!?!

I ended up walking a little less than half of the 30 minutes. I finished last (not that it was a race). I think I was adequately prepared. I was well hydrated. I had pb & bread an hour before hand. I had all the right running gear. I did start out too fast:

I'm disappointed because I know I can run this time/distance. If it had been later in the day, I would have been with the group.

I'm not embarrassed as I thought I would be. After all, I joined the class for help to get me where I want to be. I got some good advice and some encouragement for the next run.

I'm motivated to do what it takes to do better next time. I plan to try to acclimate myself to heat by spending time outside during the time frame of the run on my off days. I also will be doing my non group runs earlier. It's not going to be easy and I have to prepare myself for "bad" runs.


  1. Good for you for participating in your group run even thought the circumstances put it outside your comfort zone.

    Glad to hear that you learned something and that you have a plan of attack for the next one. Way to go!

  2. better than my blogging lol :D