The old adage goes: Learn something new everyday.

Since I have started down this road, I have hit that mark. Actually most days I exceed it. That's part of why it is so exciting!

Today I read an article posted on Runner's World. It's title is Stride Right. I printed it to save it's useful information. What is interesting is that I remembered a small part of it while I was out on my run tonight. "Focus on gliding—rather than bouncing—over the ground" '

I actually kept saying to myself, over and over, GLIDE. GLIDE. And I ended up having an awesome run.

Now  I went out feeling a little sore from yesterdays treadmill run. So I had actually planned to do a run/walk. Just something to keep my muscles memory going. But I ended up have the best time I have ever had. I think if I had not started out sore, I would have PR'd! lol.

I also learned how to add pages to my blog. So I have separated "topics". Eventually I hope to learn how to make the blog pleasant to the eye.

Learning is so much fun!

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  1. Hurray to learning something new.. and your great run.

    I have used the glide mantra in the past too only for me it is FLOAT... but I know the feeling you are talking about.