Half Training Official Start

Today is the official first day of my Half Marathon training class with Fleet Feet of Baton Rouge. I'm excited, disappointed and nervous.

Schedule for the week:
Monday - 30 min run @ 6.5-7rpe
Wednesday  - 30 min group run @ 6.5-7rpe
Friday - 30 min run @ 7-7.5rpe
Saturday - 40 group run @ 6-6.5rpe

Tues/Thurs - rest or cross train

All perfectly doable runs.

But I am disappointed because the runs are time runs instead of distance runs. I am slow and I don't make the class cut. Basically if you run a 10 min mile or less you will get your 3 miles in. I am running somewhere between 11 - 11:30 min miles so I won't get the full distance in. When I run alone, I set my goal at 3 miles. Some times I can go longer, 4 miles being my long distance. I just don't see the point in running less than 3 miles.

I am nervous for two reasons. As mentioned above, I am slow. So I am worried that I will push too hard to get faster when I should be focusing on just finishing. AND I will be running at 6 pm in the evening. I never run at that time. It's just too hot right now. The heat will slow me down I fear.

I guess my goal should be to let my mind go free and just run what I can. That'll be a first :D


  1. Any chance that you could keep running past the 30 minute mark to get your 3 miles in?

    Perhaps there will be others there too who do not run 10 minute miles.

    Good luck with it.

    Hope you do a post about how it goes tonight.

  2. I am assuming I can on the non group runs, or at least I plan to and am not going to ask permission :p. But it is clearly stated for the group runs that I run slower than a 10 min mile that I need to do an out and back. I'm ok with being last, as long as they wait for me :D

  3. Good fr you. Sounds like you have your head in a good place.