Another new race?!?

I'm not really a lucky person. Now I don't mean that only bad things happen to me. I just mean that I don't win things. Actually I have won 2 things before. I won a blanket in a raffle at a school fair about 20 years ago and I won some Nuun from on of the HTC teammates. Truly that is it.

Well, now I can up that to 3 things. I have won an entry to a race.

Play Dirty Adventure Run.
Twitter announcement
This is a new race in my area. I think it is similar to other "mud runs" that are growing in popularity around the country. It seems like lots of fun. BUT I'm not planning to do it.

There are several reasons why:

  • It's a saturday race and I have half class that morning. Class is a 60 minute run. The race has waves so I could make it if I wanted to.
  • It's the day before the trail run I have already registered for (albiet free). But I think all three events would really be pushing it.
  • This is not a race I think I would enjoy doing alone (and I don't have anyone to do it with). I have been trying to find someone since I found out about the race but have not been successful.
I'm disappointing no to do it, especially since I can do it for free. But I think it's the best choice for me. Not that I wouldn't change my mind in a heart beat if I found someone to do it with between then and now! lol

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