A Brick and More Races

I let #4 slide on a bike ride on Sunday. He really likes to be lazy that day and since it is his only day, I decided to oblige. But I did trick him into committing to riding Monday night. The Half schedule called for a 40 minute run which is just under 4 miles for me. So I planned a brick workout.

We went to the lakes by LSU which has become my favorite place to run. Mostly because I can chose a route for just about any mileage and not have to do any laps. Have I mentioned that I hate laps?!? I planned for us to ride the 6 mile loop and then he could ride beside me while I ran the 4 mile loop.

Started out real good. I love my bikes! I do tend to ride all out tho. It just feels like cheating to coast. I brought my hard tail because the full suspension is just too heavy for the lakes and the road bike is too light. It's not really too light, but since I was "training" for a duathlon that I will use the road bike for I don't want to train with it. I want to train with something heavier. We did the 6 mile loop with no problem (other than there were a ton of people to dodge).

When we got back to the truck, I felt a little light headed. I should have taken a break but I prefer to push like I would on a race day. So we just took off. I truly understand the term Brick now! My legs were VERY heavy! I was running really, really slow. I only managed 2 miles of the 4 I had planned. My splits weren't too bad: 10:58 & 11:48. But I hit 13s quite a bit during the second mile. I knew the parking lot with the potty would be about the halfway mark so I decided to stop there.

We walked the rest of the way back to the truck. It took forever,  but was really nice to spend some slow time together.

What did I learn from this? That although I really want to do the Big VooDu, it just best that I do the Little VooDu. Does this mean I am wussing out? I hope not. I looked around at other du's in this state and the Big VooDu is one of the biggest so it makes sense that it NOT be my first du. To me and #4 it makes sense at least.

In order of event, not registration :D

10/30/11 The Little Voo-Dualthon: This race is a 2m/10m/2m du. The Big VooDu is a 5k/18m/5k. I've made the right choice. They also have a dirty voodu and 5k event. I'm pretty excited about this little race!

11/5/11 SJA Sticker Stampede 5k: a friend from High school who is training on her own for a marathon (or half) sent me a message on FB about this one. It's our alma mater and a good fundraiser. I may actually not show up for it tho. I noticed after that my schedule run for the day is 105 minutes. Although I will be in the same general area, if we don't start until 7 am I won't be able to make the 8:30 race start (unless I go a different route and just run right into the race lol).

1/15/12 - The Louisiana Marathon Half. After last Saturday's group run, one of the others was talking about not being able to do the BR Beach half with the rest of the class. That is the race we are all training for. She will be out of town. She mentioned that she was looking at doing the LA Marathon half instead. I mentioned that I was thinking of doing it as well. So we tentatively decided to do it together. I went ahead and signed up!


  1. I like brick workouts after the first half mile of the run part. That's about how long it takes for me to feel like I have my land legs back after the bike. Keep it up.

  2. Whoa! You are so motivated and it kinda motivates me! The Louisiana Marathon would be a great one I bet.

    Get Up & Go

  3. My hubby thinks it's more of an obsession than motivation... not sure he's wrong :P