HM Week 2 additional run

I woke up this morning with stuffy ears. Not sure what that means healthwise. But I had a run planned and with all the rain coming from Tropical Depression 13 there was no way  I was gonna pass on it.

Today I planned to do the additional run on the training schedule. The schedule called for a "30 minute run @ a steady/moderately hard pace - push this pace". I got it done. YAY!

I went out for just a regular run and remembered after lap 1 (yes I did laps again) that this was the run of the week that I was supposed to push hard on. Luckily I have my app set for feedback every 5 minutes. After 20 minutes in, when I realized that I was on pace for achieving the assignment I kicked it up a bit.

Negative splits ;)
The weather, although wet, helped a lot. The temp was low, nice breeze, no sun. I also drank some accelerade before hand. I've always saved this drink for actual races because of the calories, but since I'm struggling with getting enough fuel I've decided to use it for training. I do have some Accelerade Hydro on order. I has half the calories and sugar of the regular kind.

I also sported my new Gracies Gear sports tank.

Sorry for the mirror shot but at least it's not in the bathroom
If you are wondering what is so special about this tank, it's that little while line in the middle of my chest. That is a special pocket sewn on the outside of the tank to put gear in, namely my iphone. I usually put the phone on the inside of my sports bra, over my heart. It doesn't stay there very well during a run. And it has actually cause bruising to a very sensitive area!

I don't really care for tank bras because I'm overly aware of my belly fat when I'm running. This tank fit well enough or loose enough that I was comfortable leaving the house with it on. And, just like the makers claim, it did not ride up. It is a bit pricey, $55. But they offered a deal a while back: buy two get one free. The free gets me every time.

They are made in the USA. But unfortunately the manufactures are a bit slow. It took about 2 months for this one to come in, and I am still waiting on the other two. Good thing I am a patient person. 

Now I am off to take some drugs, hoping to rid myself of this stuffy head before it gets worse. Hopefully TD Lee will play nice in the morning so that training class still happens.

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