HM W2R3 & W3R1

Tropical Storm Lee tried his best to put a stop to my Half class plans for the weekend. I truly woke up every hour - hour and a half Friday night and checked my email waiting for some notice about class Saturday morning. Scheduled was 5 mile or 45 minute run. I had planned to do the same route as last week and get in a full 4 miles. But at 6 am, the email came that the run was canceled. I was not surprised. It had been raining for over 12 hours with no end in sight.

Around 1 pm, I noticed it had stalled for a while. I checked weather.com and the site informed me that I had a window of opportunity until 3 pm. So my decision was made and I started to prepare. I got my drinks made and my fuel eaten. And at 2 pm I set off from the house for my run.

There were a few sprinkles on the way. No big deal. I need to learn to run in rain anyway just in case. But by the time I arrived at my route and parked my car, the rain had picked up. There was not another soul out there. Well, there were plenty of people driving but no one braving the weather. I thought about sitting and waiting for it to calm down but decided that was sure to be the quickest way to backing out of the run. So I just went.

It rained quite a bit for the first mile. Slacked off for mile 2 and 3. And picked back up for mile 4. I was soaked! I ran through puddles. I briefly worried that I was ruining my iphone. But I had a great run!

After I was done, I went home and had a nice warm shower. I also allowed myself to celebrate with a beer or two for getting out there and getting it done!

When Monday rolled around, I chose to sleep in since it was still raining. It didn't rain too much that day but my DD called and wanted me to go visit her in her new apartment in her new city, New Orleans. So I went and spend a few hours with her and put my run on the back burner. 

I got home around 6 and immediately went to get ready for my run. I was in a hurry! The temperature had dropped and I was worried that after dark it might actually be cold! Seems silly I know. I had the route to myself again. I guess everyone was BBQ'n or something. Another good run for me!

This makes 4 good runs in a row. I am hoping to be over whatever slump August caused for me. I have other things to concern myself with on this journey besides the 3-4 mile distance. 


  1. Good for you for getting that run in the rain done.... bet that warm shower felt great.

    4 good runs in a row! Sounds like a celebration in order to me. Hurray.

  2. You come to enjoy running in the rain. One guy in my neighborhood was running Saturday morning in that pouring rain. I had a half-marathon in the Outer Banks where it rained/poured the whole last mile. Then it turned cold. I enjoyed the rain but could have done with a hot shower right after. You can feel like a kid again.