New Race - St. Charles trail run

I almost forgot to post about this. I've signed up for a new race.


Since I started the Half class, I've had to re-think my "want to" races. Most races are done on Saturdays and that is the day my longs run with the class are scheduled. I'm not about to miss a class. So I've just been looking at Friday and Sunday races. They are in limited supply.

So yesterday, NOLArunning made some posts on Facebook about upcoming races. The trail run caught my eye. I love running the trails. We don't do it much because there are not a lot of trails in our area. This race was originally scheduled for early summer at a time that I would not be ready, even for a 5k. It was around the time that the Muddy Mississippi was cresting the flood level in Baton Rouge and the opened the spillways. As you can see from the picture about, this race is in one of the spillways. Needless to say it was flooded for a couple of weeks prior to the race so they rescheduled and  I forgot about it.

I made a note of it and went on with my business, I do have a job after all. At some point I got an email from Active Advantage (I have a membership that I had not decided to cancel or not). I didn't open it at first but it  caught my eye about 30 minutes after getting. "Deal Alert: St. Charles Trail 5" was in the subject line. I figured I'd get some extra bucks off the registration fee.

BUT it was better than that! They were giving the first 5 people that responded FREE registration!! I figured I had missed it since I didn't open it immediately. But I was the second person to respond. I was very excited!!

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  1. Well, wasn't that a lovely surprise. Nice to get to race free... and great that you will be ready.