Bricks... sort of

I am a big supporter of rest days. Religious even.

Yesterday was a run day. I am trying to increase my cross-training, so when DH suggested we go for a bike ride after work I jumped at the chance. I spent most of the day trying to figure out the best plan for staying on track with my running schedule and my rest period. To no avail.

Luckily (sort of) we only made a 6.5 mile loop on the bikes. DH's bike was being a pain and he didn't feel it would be good to go another lap. So I figured it was such a short ride that I could still get up and run in the morning. And that is what I did.

So bricks in the true since it was not, but in my little world it counts! Go ME!

DH was kind enough to shoot some video of me running so I could see how bad my form is. Try not to laugh:

Kind advice is welcome.

I have one week left of my 5k training plan. Interestingly enough it is the same plan as the first week half marathon training.

DH seems to be bitten by the bug a bit. He is going to start my 5k plan tomorrow morning. Not sure if I will ever get him past that distance, but if I can get him back into adventure racing I would be thrilled!

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