Oh yeah, I got this...

Second full 35 minute run completed! I'm a veteran now :D

I went about an hour later than normal and chose a route that didn't have many trees so it was HOT!. I was prepared with my new fancy featherlite visor. I'm surprised I wore it the whole time since I'm real picky about my head being hot but it worked fine. I chose not to wear sunscreen and that worked out fine. I know it's just a matter of time before I burn so I guess will have to wear it next time out.

As for the run, it was hard to get started. I'm experimenting with taking out the 5 min warm up walk and that may be a mistake. I don't think my muscles were ready to run after just a short 1 min walk. And they let me know. My splits were real interesting tho:
I've also decided to just track the actual runs and not the warm ups/cool downs. This takes about .5 mile off my distance but it's the only way to get a real feel for my performance. I'm well below the 18:18 pace set by the race event, but then again I'm running less than 3 miles :O

I used a race calculator I found on another's blog (don't remember who) for fun. These are the predictions using today's run:
 It's actually quite scary to me now. I mean I've done the math already based on pace to make sure that at a 12 min/mile I can finish in the 4 hour time frame allotted. But this brings it into focus that I will be running for 3 hours STRAIGHT! Am I really interested in this? I am, I know this, but still.... that's a lot of running.

To wrap this up I have some pictures to share:
This is my new exercise ball right out of the box. I plan to use this to strengthen my core.
This is the same ball with the incredibly lame and cheap inflating device that came in the same box. Looks like I will be cross training!
I'm feeling really smart about this one. I have a major addiction to Burt's Bees. And the little tube is so uncomfy riding along in my sports bra. But here you can clearly see it's already uncapped for easy application :D
Last, but not least, the stairs I found to include in my run. Yes, yes not very impressive but we all have to start somewhere!

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  1. Starting small on the stairs is truly a good idea........ years ago I thought it would be fun to run up 18 flights..... fell on my ass when I tried to get out of bed the next morning (torn calf muscles).

    Good luck.