Kick... and starting a tradition maybe

I have my first 5k since finishing my training plan tomorrow night. I am very excited about it. It's a charity run so kinda low key. But I feel like a real athlete preparing for a race.

Why am I feeling this way?

In all of the 5ks I have done I have only ever "ran" 1 whole race before. And if you count the 20 or so feet I walk at the water station (not graceful enough to run and drink at the same time), then technically I have never finished one. Good thing I don't count it :D

I ran that race in 35:04. My PR. It in 2006.

This race will be the start of my new running "career". I know I will run the whole thing no problem. I may even beat the previous time. That however is not my goal. My goal is to actually do a kick, experience the kick, be the kicker. I really have no idea what the right lingo is, but you get my drift.

In every event I have ever done, it was always just a struggle to finish. There was no more no give, no matter how much my supporters (family) encouraged me. But tomorrow, I will do it. That is my goal.

I also plan to introduce myself to some local runners I have met thru twitter. I really want to start running with a local group. We got the word from the Doc today that #4 will not be able to any running. Luckily he can cycle and that is what we will do together. But I feel the need to be with my own kind too. My own kind being fellow runners. People who have the desire and drive to run distances past the 5k. #4 will always support me and do whatever I ask of him for me to pursue this dream. But running with other runners just sounds like good fun to me.

I have actually become quite obsessed with running. I should not be surprised as that is how it seems to go with my hobbies. Last year at this time I was into World of Warcraft (don't judge me) and would spend hours just sitting front of the computer. I gave that up earlier this year to try my hand at making jewelry. I am still interested in this hobby, but it is just too dang expensive right now.

So as part of my diet plan, I started running. I got #4 and a friend interested in doing an adventure race so I knew I had to get running. It was always the hardest part for me and since I was the instigator, I didn't want to let anyone down. Well, no one else trained and that dream went down the drain. But I found the more I ran and the more in shape I got (more weight I lost) the more into running I got. I started reading and searching for other races, started following blogs and buying books. Truly a new obsession has begun.

So what of this tradition? As I sit here typing, pre-race, I am enjoying a restful night. I have on my pjs, did my toe nails, cuddling with my fav furbabies and watching Prefontaine. I like this tradition idea :D

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  1. Hey, enjoy the night and the race! Will be interested to read your recap and review.

    Good luck.