Rain and Tape FTW!

After a disappointing week last week (unable to run more than a mile at a time :( ) I decided to change things up a bit to make sure I got back to 3 miles:

1. Temperature. I had changed to running in the mornings from #4’s advice that it would better prepare for race day. I think that in SE Louisiana during the months of July and August this is horrible advice. Especially for a new runner. I will now be a night runner again, even running later than my normal late.

2.Tape. Shin splints are back. No worries thanks to my KT tape.
(pay no attention to Waffle House chairs under my gorgeous legs)

3.Slow down. After looking at videos of myself running, the experts (#4 and the boy) agree that the thing I need to do to improve my form is lift my knees. It will take the shuffle out of my gait and turn into a real run. Last week in doing this I ended up with a much faster pace than I am ready for at this point. So I need to slow down and lift.

So last nights run included all of these and was an absolutely wonderful run. The best I have ever had. The rain started around lunch time and never actually stopped. We knew we were going to be running in the rain before we left the house in the morning. I was determined that nothing was going to stand in my way of getting my 3 miles in. Luckily we had a break and only had a few drops for the whole run. I am excluding the low branches that #4 pulled on to soak me about mile 2.5. He thought it was funny.

The tape worked just as I knew it would. It encompasses my shins with warmth and love and protection. Overkill?? Maybe but I really love this stuff.

And I ran my normal slower pace. I was able to chit chat with #4 for the full run. Well the parts where he was with me. Keeping in mind that I have two months training on him, and he has disk problems, he was unable to run the full distance. He did do the entire route with me, just had to stop and walk some. I was quite impressed with him tho as he ran at least 1.75-2 miles. He was hurting and complaining, but if he keeps joining me that will go away in no time.

We did a different route than normal. We did the lakes at LSU. I’ve only ridden these in the past, but I knew the distance was 4 miles around the first lake. So we did a half mile warm up and then started running a nice slow pace. We skipped a small loop, which I assume is half a mile since we were back at the car at 3.5 miles. I told him I want to keep going for another half mile since I was feeling so good. He got the car and met me down the road. I really feel that I could have gone for a full 4 miles and wish I had but am still excited by the run I completed. The distance isn’t really impressive but what is, is how I felt. I felt awesome. I was tired but the exhausted I normally am. I know the temperature had a lot to do with that and I may not feel so great after Saturday nights run. But knowing I can run 3 miles as a easy run means I am progressing! 

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  1. Hurray for your best run ever. That is a confidence builder for sure. And nice that when you thought you were done, you still felt like going farther.