When a good run goes bad.... 5K recap

Ok, I'm being a bit dramatic. But I had so much hope for this race and did so well, that I can't help but be disappointed.

Why you ask??? Because I had goals and was running better than expected AND the distance came up short.

This is the route (taken from another race so I covered the name, not so beautifully, so I don't seem like I am complaining about them). The arrow points to the area where the mishap occurred. This is where the Coach (son) and I turned around. I actually commented during the turn that I could see this being an accident waiting to happen, where runners turn at the wrong time.

According to my phone app, I only ran 2.63 miles. I had not set the goal to PR, didn't want to worry about my time. I wanted to kick. But as the phone app announced our pace and I was feeling good, we decided it would happen anyway. Coach did a wonderful job as always of making sure I was running right. He is so wise beyond his years.

During the last straight stretch he had me pick up the pace a little at each traffic light. Once the finish line was in sight, he pointed out where the kick would happen. #4, who had not run the race with us but stationed at different points to support me, was running along with us at this point. It's so awesome to have support!

I was worried about the kick because the road was wet and was not sure if my shoes would have enough traction. (I claim to have a fear of heights, but have learned over the years that it is really a fear of falling. From any height!) Shoes did fine, I kicked and ran my heart out to finish. Only to look down and see the wrong distance.

My average pace for the run was 10:55. So this would put my time for a full 5K at 32:15 assuming I continued running well, which I am sure I would have done.

These are the shoes Coach and I were fitted for earlier in the day. Asics GT-2160. Interestingly enough, after trying on several recommended pairs, we chose the same shoe. His are prettier than mine :(

My celebratory meal. It's not Blue Moon, have never had that beer. It was just a Shiner Bock because I can't get really good beer in this town.

Coach aka my son

Coach getting irritated at my flash, check out the waitress in the back ground

Coach and waitress (aka Iroc, my daughter)

Don't they look thrilled??
Coach and #4 assure me that I should be proud anyway. I will be. After the next race :D

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