I'm a winner!

I'm very new to this blogging thing, and truth be told not very good at it. I have all kinds of wonderful thoughts while running, showering, driving, etc. but once I get in front of the computer I forget. But still I have started up this blog, I think it's my third attempt. And by far my most successful.

Interestingly enough, my success is more from those I follow. I chose to start this after I decided to stalk the ladies that were chosen for the Nuun Hood to Coast relay teams. I have actually gotten a few followers of my own now :D

One of my favorite things about the blogs I follow are the giveaways. Not because I'm a giveaway entering fool, cuz I'm not. I don't consider myself lucky so I truly rarely enter. Plus it didn't take long for me to hit "like" excess on facebook. But the reason I like them is for the product information. There just isn't enough time for me to find all the cool things offered and I am more than willing to let someone else do the hard work for me.

That being said, I won a giveaway! XL of Taking it On did a give away for a couple tubes of Nuun. She opened up herself to her followers to ask anything they wanted. There was some criteria to win. I am not shy. I did apologize in advance. I wanted the Nuun.

Here is her annocment: The Most Bizarre Question Award goes to S from footbeatswho wanted to know about my favorite feminine hygiene products (clearly she didn't read about my souvenirs from France) and related embarrassing race moments.

Go me!

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