The Good, The Bad, The Man (aka weekend recap)

My week didn’t go as planned as far as training is concerned and the only person to blame is DH (The Man). But honestly this is a good thing. Cycling, running, racing and just being outdoors in general was such a big part of our life together in the beginning. It has been sorely missed the last couple of years. So much so that I had finally given up on him and started running on my own.

The week started out with him interfering with my Tuesday run by inviting me to a bike ride that evening. No way was I gonna pass that up! We only made it around the lakes once before he was ready to call it quits. Partly because he was pooped and partly because his bike had a mind of its own.

No biggie, I figured I run in the morning on Wednesday. He was up for doing it too. I did get in my distance. He was unable to hang, but got some really pathetic videos of me, which motivated a week long research frenzy on perfecting my form or at least improving it.

The great thing is that he may have finally been bit by the bug! We got up for a run on Thursday morning. Again he was unable to make it as far as we would have liked but he at least had his HOT PINK gymboss with him and a training plan programmed in. We then went for another ride on Thursday. Still not a long ride, we made it about halfway home and stopped for dinner. The boy joined us and we caved and took a truck ride home.

Friday I declared a rest day. I really don’t think I was in need of it physically but having my schedule thrown off so much had me mentally wore out. I’m a tad OCD.

Saturday morning was another scheduled run, a virtual 5k for me. He had worked late and was not interested, but said he would go with me if I would go for a night run instead. Wanting to keep him interested I agreed. Next thing I knew he was making BBQ plans with some friends. So we bumped up our run to 5pm from my planned 7:30pm. BIG MISTAKE. It was horribly hot. And I tried to alter my form by lifting my knees more. The form change was dead on, but in the heat I just couldn’t breathe. I ended it slightly over a mile into it. He didn’t even make it that far.

The next planned event was trail riding on Sunday. I had the bright idea to ride the blue (easy) trail all out and then run. The trail is about 2 miles. It was a good plan in theory. But since it’s probably been a year since I’ve ridding the trails, it was a major over shoot. We ended up doing 1 lap at 1.43 miles on the bikes and then 1 mile on foot. I got totally duded on the run. Here all week he couldn’t even run for 2 minutes straight and at the trails he just took off like he did it every day! Whatever.

All and all a bad week that was great. We did 7 things together. It was awesome! I can’t wait to see what he does this week.

Of course no trip to the trails is complete with out some blood shed:
The pedal ate up the back of my calf. I've got a nice little knot where that blue area is, but figured the rest was just a scratch. Unfortunately woke up this morning to it all being swollen. I hope it doesn't interfere with my runs this week!

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