What's so great about morning runs anyway?

I'm not a big fan of morning runs. Really the only perk I can see is that once it's done, nothing can get in your way for getting your run in that day. Other than that, nada!

Now, you may want to know why I dislike morning runs so much. Several reasons. 

Let's start with the simple fact that I hate mornings. Not all mornings, just the one's that start before 8 am. And right now, by 8am it's just too hot to go run. I'm a lite sleeper so I'm almost never fully rested. 

There is also the pesky nutrition factor. If I'm supposed to eat 30 min to 1 hr before I run then that means I just have to get up even earlier. And to be honest, it's not in me to eat before 9 am. It's almost a workout just to chew. 

So why did I go run this morning, especially after stating yesterday that I was going back to my night runs???

#4 of course. He "wanted" to run this morning. He ended up not joining me, same as last Saturday except this time I went without him. Don't get me wrong, I will change all my plans for him. I want to run (or bike) with him. But I'm not willing to put my training on hold for him. I am looking forward to a bike ride tomorrow with him (cross fingers).

Plus there is supposed to be horrible weather today.

I had a good run despite the hour of the day. I have increased my mileage to 3.5 miles (calm down). I want to be doing 4 miles regularly before my half class starts in mid August. My average pace today was 11:57, which is about 30 sec faster than normal. I wasn't trying to run faster, just trying to finish as always. I know that to a certain degree speed will improve on it's own, it's just interesting to see it. The run was good, no pain and not really hard to finish. If I weren't running in circles (or rectangles) I may have done a full 4 miles. (Running in circles, ovals, squares, etc is so boring!).

I did my last two runs without the aid of a wet beverage. If I let myself I can easily finish off my 10 oz handheld in the first two miles. Thinking ahead for 13.1 miles, I know that isn't gonna cut it. Even if I carry two handhelds, and I'm not interested in a bigger size. So I have decided that I will teach myself to run my short runs without. I'd say I'm a fast learner. Granted the lower temps of nights will help that issue. (Unless I swallow a bug, then I NEED a drink to wash it down.)

I was unable to wear my visor today because I just couldn't find it:
(I swear he did this to himself)


  1. Have you tried doing a run after eating just a banana or an orange, and then having your breakfast afterwards? I will do this if I am running less than 45 minutes.

  2. Love the puppy photo....... "Fur babies" do the craziest things!

    Gotta run.

  3. Elle, thanks for the comment. I can get down about half a banana. I'm thinking of trying chocolate milk. A normal breakfast for me is a protein shake so I like something in the liquid genre may work.

  4. Stacey, sometimes I think my furbabies are extra crazy!